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still stuck at


French Polynesia.

I would love to place some pictures, but the internet connection here on Polynesia is to weak.

Faule Haut is still stuck at Tahiti, French Polynesia. Due to waiting for the spare parts to fix the genoa furling system, Faule Haut is getting problems with the cyclone season which is to beginn in a few days here in the Southern Pacific. Tahiti is considered relatively safe. But the area northwest of it is considered unsafe (with about 7 to 11 cyclones average per season).  

The needed spare parts arrived yesterday on Nov. 4th.  Repair is scheduled on Nov. 7. And after that, Faule Haut Skipper Ingo was gonna leave Tahiti to sail to Tonga, Fiji and Newzealand.

A charter guest who arrived on the 5th of November is scared now, because we would cross a part of the cyclone prone area when the cyclone season is at its peak. She was not willing to take that risk and stepped back from this planned cruise. 

The cyclone area is between French Polynesia and Australia north of the Latitude of Sydney. Time: Nov. till March.

Finally we found a solution and adapted  our cruise according to the cyclone season/area anew.

We agreed to sail back (from where I came from) to the Archipel of Tuamotus and even further to the Marquesas Islands. This is considered to be a cyclone free area. November till January we gonna sail in that region, visiting numerous beautiful islands. In February my guest will leave the boat again, flying to the US. and I will sail back again to Tahiti alone.  After the cyclone season in March, my guest has planned to come back on the boat at Tahiti and we gonna sail to Southern Cook Islands, Tonga, Fidji, Newzealand, Australia.

There is a saying among the sailors which goes:

“Nothing is worse on a sailboat than having a schedule.“

This means, depending on weather/climate/wind or boat conditions you always have to adapt your plan to face/suit reality. This is what I have done so far and will keep on doing it that way. 

It can be deadly to stick to a schedule and ignore changes in time or weather just to be at a certain spot at a certain time just because you want to stay within your planned timetable. 

So – this is Faule Haut’s planned cruise for the next year – time will tell how much of it works out. 

After sailing in the Tuamotus and Marquesas Faule Haut will come back to Tahiti with this plan:

Cruising Plan 2019

There is still a double berth on Faule Haut available. This means, two person can join this cruise any time.

15.03.19 arrival  Papeete, Tahiti

16.10.19 departure Papeete, Tahiti

140 nm (nautical miles)

18.03.19 arrival Bora Bora

22.03.19 departure Bora Bora

1.050 nm

04.04.19 arrival Samoa Manua Islands

08.04.18 departure Samoa Manua Islands

70 nm

09.04.19 arrival Samoa Pago Pago 

10.04.19 departure Samoa Pago Pago

500 nm

15.04.19 arrival Tonga

30.04.19 departure Tonga

400 nm

05.05.19 arrival Fiji

20.05.19 departure Fiji

1.200 nm

04.06.19 arrival New Zealand

14.06. 18 departure New Zealand

1.300 nm

30.06.19 arrival Sidney, Australia

08.07.19 departure Sidney

1.800 nm

29.07.19 arrival Torres Strait

30.07.19 departure Torres Strait

1.800 nm

20.08.19 arrival at west coast of Australia or Indonesia

22.08.19 departure of west coast of Australia or Indonesia 

3.300 nm (crossing the Indian Ocean)

28.09.19 arrival Mauritius

31.09.19 departure Mauritius

400 nm

05.10.19 arrival Réunion

07.10.19 departure Réunion 

400 nm

12.10.19 arrival Madagascar

16.10.19 departure Madagascar

1.600 nm

05.11.19 arrival South Africa

17.11.19 departure South Africa

5.709 nm (crossing the Atlantic again)

22.01.20 arrival Guadeloupe

25.01.20 departure Guadeloupe


maybe going to Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba and Bob Marley 🤗 before heading back to Spain.

ave a


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