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Skipper is sailing singelhand. Two free double berths available.

I’m still in New Zealand. I am on a circumnavigation that I started with two friends at Vinaros (Barcelona), Spain, on the 4th of Nov. 2017. But from the Caribbean on, I have been sailing singelhand.
Because I spent a huge sum on repair/maintainance/improving of the boat, I am willing to take on guests to help me finance this cruise. You can either join for two week on the boat or you even stay on the boat for over a year and a half and come with me up to Spain.
Two double berths available. This means I could host two guests – each gets his own cabin – or if two person share one cabin, I could host four guests.
Here is my cruising plan which is not 100 % fixed. If you stay on the boat longer than a couple of weeks, I am willing to change this plan according to your wishes (within a limit).

CRUISINGPLAN  as of 11.04.2019

SUBJECT TO CHANGE    (nm = nautical miles,  d= day)
14.04.19 departure New Zealand
1.050 nm 12 d
26.04.2019  Arrival Noumea, New Caledonia
29.04.19 departure New Caledonia
2,600 nm 29 d
28.05.19 arrival Darwin, Australia
30.05.19 departure Darwin
1,000 nm 12 d
11.06.19 arrival at Bali, Indonesia
(sailing around Indonesia in June, July and August 2019; my wife will come on board for a few weeks)
30.08.19 departure Jakarta, Indonesia
3,300 nm  37 d  (crossing the Indian Ocean)
06.10.19 arrival Mauritius
10.10.19 departure Mauritius
400 nm 5 d
15.10.19 arrival Réunion
19.10.19 departure Réunion
400 nm 6 d
25.10.19 arrival Madagascar
03.11.19 departure Madagascar
1,600 nm 20 d
23.11.19 arrival South Africa
03.12.19 departure South Africa
5,720 nm 65 d  (crossing the Atlantic towards the Caribbean)
06.02.20 arrival (Guadeloupe or another island of the Lesser Antilles)
15.02.20 departure Guadeloupe
most likely going to Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba and Bob Marley 🤗 before heading back to Vinaròs, Spain, Mediterranean via Bahamas and the Acores.

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