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How the Skipper looks at the world.

I had to climb up the mast three times to work on my lazy jack lines and to install a new halyard. No one  there to winch me up. I‘m totally worn out, and relax on the beach now.


⛵️Faule Haut has reached New Zealand.


After having spent six days at the Kingdom of Tonga 🇹🇴, ⛵️Faule Haut left the island Tongatapu on Jan. 29th, 2019 and reached Opua, (northern) New Zealand 🇳🇿 on Feb 6th, safe and sound. This was ⛵️Faule Haut‘s fastest passage so far. She covered the distance of 1,025 nm within 8 1/2 days, averaging a speed of little over 5 kn. Windspeed was mostly above 25 and 30 kn, so that the sails had to be reefed almost permanently. High waves and gusty winds from abeam made it a tough ride. Wind and waves – which the autopilot often could not handle. It quit working often and made the nights a drag. Jumping on deck in the middle of the night because of an alarming and not functioning autopilot is no fun and wears you out after a few nights. Sleep deprivation is the hardest thing to endure when singlehand sailing and has exhausted Skipper Ingo up to the max. But now he has dropped the anchor in a beautiful bay at LAT 35° 07.022’ S, LON  173° 58.931‘ E, close to Opua, and is looking forward to meeting the Kiwis – but first … sleeeeeeeep.😴💤

Oh – I almost forgot:



⛵️Faule Haut has left her home port Vinaròs, Spain🇪🇸, on Nov. 4th, 2017. Vinaròs is located close to Longitude 000°, the Greenwich 000°-meridian. She sailed westward, which means longitudes were „W“ and counting upwards. On Jan. 23rd she crossed the International Dateline close to Tonga and on Feb. 2nd  she crossed LON 180° W which is likewise LON 180° E. 

This means, that SHE HAS NOW COMPLETED HALF OF HER PLANNED CIRCUMNAVIGATION OF THE GLOBE, 😎😁🤗 being on her cruise for one year and three months and two days (or 459 days).

From now on LON figures are „E“ and … counting backwards. 

Feels like the skipper is sailing home now.🤗


Skipper is sailing singelhand. Two free double berths available.


CRUISINGPLAN as of 06.02.2019
Right now I am in New Zealand. I am on a circumnavigation that I started with two friends at Vinaros (Barcelona), Spain, on the 4th of Nov. 2017. But from the Caribbean on, I have been sailing singelhand.
Because I spent a huge sum on repair/maintainance/improving of the boat, I am willing to take on guests to help me finance this cruise. You can either join for two week on the boat or you even stay on the boat for over a year and a half and come with me up to Spain.
Two double berths available. This means I could host two guests – each gets his own cabin – or if two person share one cabin, I could host four guests.
Here is my cruising plan which is not 100 % fixed. If you stay on the boat longer than a couple of weeks, I am willing to change this plan according to your wishes (within a limit).

CRUISINGPLAN  as of 18.02.2019
SUBJECT TO CHANGE    (nm = nautical miles,  d= day)
22.02.19 departure New Zealand
1,200 nm 15 d
09.03.19 arrival Sidney, Australia
20.03.19 departure Sidney
1,800 nm 21 d
10.04.19 arrival Torres Strait
12.04.19 departure Torres Strait
1,800 nm 21 d
03.05.19 arrival at Bali, Indonesia
(sailing Malaysia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand in June, July and August 2019; my wife might come on board for a few weeks)
30.08.19 departure of the area around Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
3,300 nm  37 d  (crossing the Indian Ocean)
06.10.19 arrival Mauritius
10.10.19 departure Mauritius
400 nm 5 d
15.10.19 arrival Réunion
19.10.19 departure Réunion
400 nm 6 d
25.10.19 arrival Madagascar
03.11.19 departure Madagascar
1,600 nm 20 d
23.11.19 arrival South Africa
03.12.19 departure South Africa
5,720 nm 65 d  (crossing the Atlantic towards the Caribbean)
06.02.20 arrival (Guadeloupe or another island of the Lesser Antilles)
15.02.20 departure Guadeloupe
most likely going to Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba and Bob Marley 🤗 before heading back to Vinaròs, Spain, Mediterranean via Bahamas and the Azores